Pitch Shot Or Chip Shot: What Should You Do?

As you may already know, the chip shot and the pitch shot are two completely different things. To put it in simple terms, chips shots are a regular part of your short game (like putting) and pitch shots tend to “set up” your short game.

Pitch shots are usually knocked around with your pitching wedge (or a sand wedge) from anywhere from 35 yards away to almost 100 yards away. They are very close to a standard iron shot.

Chip shots, on the other hand, are routinely made closer to the green within 25 to 30 yards and come in various forms. For example, you can game a chip shot with any club you like, from a low-number iron all the way to your sand wedge (depending on the conditions of your shot).

All varieties of the chip shot can be narrowed to two basic groups: The “bump and run” and the “flop shot”.

1. The bump and run: The bump and run describes a chip shot that is made when you have flat, open grass in between your set up and the green. This is one of those golfing terms that literally means what it says: A shot that is bumped low and rolls the majority of it's way towards its destination.

2. The flop shot: The second category of chips shots is known as the flop shot. Some golfers also refer to is as a “lob shot”. This type of chip shot becomes necessary when facing obstacles like a water hole, sand; anything that gets in the way of being able to roll the ball toward its destination. Flop shots reach skyward quickly then drop straight down to the ground. There should only be a slight roll, if any at all.

The easiest chip shot from these two choices is always going to be the bump and run, for obvious reasons. It's must easier to swing into play because the stroke is very similar to a putt, which means less chance of making a mistake.

Flop shots, on the other hand, are a tougher cookie to crumble because it is easier to mess up the shot. You could easily hit a fat shot or top the ball because you must open up the clubface and hit with a slice from underneath the ball. You can always tell the inexperienced golfer on the course because these chip shots never usually end well. But with enough practice they turn into successful swings that will impress your playing partners.

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